Small and big friends for Atelier van Licht

Support our quest for research on and strengthening of creativity in young children and become friend of Atelier of Light. All the names of the children whose parents have supported us (and those of supporting companies) will appear on a special light installation in the final Atelier of Light.

1. Your donation

  • Donate € 50: You will receive a special prisma, with which young and old can bring all the colours of the rainbow into their daily lives.
  • Donate € 100: You will receive a special prisma, and the visual report of the pilot project in the Stedelijk Museum.
  • Donate € 250 or more: You will receive a special prisma, the visual report and an invitation to special meetings.
  • Want to donate more, sponsor in kind (e.g. a location or light installations) or have an idea? E-mail us: or call us: +31-6-11006149.

2. What would you like us to use your donation for?

3. Your data

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The name of the child you would like to be mentioned on the final Atelier of Light installation.

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